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Reach more customers and Grow Additional Income through Networking.  Join us any Thursday morning.

Time: Every Thursday 8:00 am – 9:30am

Location: Tusculum College | 1305 Centerpoint Blvd, Knoxville, TN, United States

Meet Our Members

Each business represented in G.A.I.N. is dedicated to providing the best products and services. We are always looking to expand into new areas. Take a look at our members and pay us a visit to learn more.

What Is G.A.I.N.

Our focus is to meet with the intention to help others “Grow Additional Income thru Networking” (G.A.I.N.) and grow our businesses in the process. Our weekly meeting is at 8am on Thursdays at Tusculum College near the intersection of Lovell Road and Pellissippi. There is no initiation fee or corporate structure; dues are only $20 per month to cover meeting expenses and marketing. We do expect our members to attend regular meetings, have outside meetings to get acquainted with other members, pass referrals, and invite prospective members. You will make some great contacts, and if you decide to join, you will have the benefit of adding all of our members to your sales force.

Tusculum College - GAIN Meeting Location

What to Expect from Meetings

All meetings start a 8am on Thursday mornings, we meet every Thursday (non-holiday) and follow a school closing schedule in the case of bad weather.

A typical meeting includes:

  • 10 minutes of open networking
  • 60 Second presentations – All members have 1 minute to talk about their business and let the group know what kinds of referrals they are looking for that week.
  • Leadership reports – The leadership team will share group member metrics and finances.
  • 10 Minute Presentation – Each week a new member presents a 10 minute overview of their company so we can all understand the value they bring to customers and can better refer them business
  • Referrals – Each member has an opportunity to hand out new referrals, thank other members for closed business or report on outside meetings with other members.
  • Final Announcements and more open networking – we close every meeting with some more time to chat with our fellow members.

Member Responsibilies

  1. Treat other members with honesty and integrity.
  2. Be responsible for following up with all referrals that received within 48 hours.
  3. Take the attendance policy seriously and will abide by all the rules and guidelines of membership.
  4. Do my best to promote other member’s businesses and will actively seek to secure referrals every week.
  5. Be supportive of our members and promote a positive environment within the group.
  6. Actively pursue individual meetings with other members of the group.

Financial Commitment

G.A.I.N. does have dues, but don’t worry they are some of the lowest in the area.  We wanted to build a group that focuses on building business relationships rather than building a business.  We’ve kept our dues as low as possible to cover the most basic expenses.

Monthly dues: $20

Get More Leads, Get More Business

Get in touch

Have questions about G.A.I.N. contact our current visitor host.

Glenn Arnold: 865-560-0188

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